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Next Live Event Webcast: Peter Martin Music: LIVE! with Romero Lubambo (December 4, 2010)

TGL is very proud to provide another live webcast to the world of world class, Grammy winning, jazz piano musician Peter Martin as part of his Peter Martin Music: LIVE! series from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

This will be the 2nd live streamed broadcast of the Peter Martin Music series from The Sheldon Concert Hall by The Global Loop, and we're excited about it.  This time, Peter's featured guest will be the Brazilian gituar master and Rio de Janiero native, Romero Lubambo.

Peter and Romero have played together for the past 10 years, touring the globe with Dianne Reeves (whom you have seen Peter perform with here on The Global Loop).  Romero is the foremost Brazilian jazz guitarist on the New York scene.

Joinging Peter & Romero will be a very special guest, vocalist Erin Bode. Erin is a St. Louis and national favorite, a singer who is comfortable mixing jazz standards with well-known pop tunes and classics from the Great American Songbook. She has released five recordings of her own, and was featured on Peter Martin’s 2005 MaxJazz release In The P.M.

The live broadcast of the concert is scheduled to begin at 8:00pm United States Central Standard Time (CST). The webcast of the show will be proceeded by 2 hours of additional new programming including a replay of many portions of the last Peter Martin Music: LIVE! webcast that featured Jeremy Davenport, Christopher Thomas, and Ulysses Owens, Jr at 6:00pm (CST).

Please invite all the people you know to watch this on their computers OR on their smartphones that have the Ustream Viewer App. For smartphones, you'll be able to watch by searching for "The Global Loop" and looking at the live stream.

Sign up for notices on our Facebook so that you'll know about any additions or changes.


From The U. City Loop To The Global Loop

Today we have on our live stream some great HD video of sunrises and sets from locations around the world accompanied by great, world-class music made by people with a connection to University City, Missouri, USA.

The whole thing is on a 2 hour loop, so feel free to get the player started below, get the music and video running, and then let it go all day and listen in the background.  (And look at the pretty pictures when you need a break from your work...)

A list of the songs, U. City artists, and links to them are below the player. Take a look!

Let us know what you think about all of this music via Facebook and Twitter and "Like" and "follow" us there too....

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Song# -->     Song Title -->     Performers-->     Album/Performance Name

1    Sweet Georgia Brown    UCHS JB    On The Threshold
2    Little Willie Leaps    Jeremy Davenport (with Chris Thomas & Peter Martin)    Peter Martin Music “The Reunion”
3    Lora With An O    Jeremy Davenport (with Chris Thomas & Peter Martin - and Neal Caine on the album)    Jeremy Davenport
4    Spain    UCHS JB    On The Threshold
5    Spiritual & Blues - Blue    Wayne duMaine (with Manhattan Brass)    New York Now
6    Spirit Of St. Louis    Jeremy Davenport (and others)    Maybe In A Dream
7    All Of Me    Eve Seltzer (with Franglais)    Franglais
8    Tuesday and Thursday    Jeremy Schonfeld    Drift
9    New Orleans    Jeremy Davenport (with Chris Thomas & Peter Martin)    Peter Martin Music “The Reunion”
10    Mardi Gras In New Orleans    Jeremy Davenport (with David Berger)    Jeremy Davenport Live at Huckleberry Bar
11    Slice of Life    Marissa Wilner (and The Momentem)    The Momentem - EP
12    Nobody Knows Your Name    Larissa Rook (Doczy) & Wormwood Scrubs    Wormwood Scrubs
13    Waterfall    Harry Miller (Harry Miller Band)    Harry Miller Trio - Live at the Museum
14    A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing    Jeremy Davenport (with Chris Thomas & Peter Martin)    Peter Martin Music “The Reunion”
15    Threshold    UCHS JB    On The Threshold
16    Upon Arrival    Ronnie Burrage (drums) & Eric Delante (violin) with Bluenoise
17    How Am I To Know    Spike Wilner (and band)    3 To Go
18    Intimate Dance    Peter Martin (with Jeremy Davenport)    Peter Martin Music “The Reunion”
19    The Meaning of Stay    Larry Krone   
20    Fair Weather Friend    Marissa Wilner (and The Momentem)    The Momentem - EP
21    North Beach Breakdown    UCHS JB    On The Threshold


Putting Those Sunrises To Good Use

Here's another video of a sunrise sped up a bit. But this time it's only part of a whole video.  We'll be streaming the entire 2 hours of this compilation of music by people from University City, Missouri, USA paired with some sunrise and skyline videos from 3 countries and 5 cities.

So here's a taste for you early followers of The Global Loop.  2 songs here..The 1984 U. City High School Jazz Band with "Sweet Georgia Brown", and Peter Martin, Jeremy Davenport, and Christopher Thomas playing "Little Willie Leaps" live during our webcast of the Peter Martin Music concert "The Reunion" on April 2, 2010. More is coming soon and you might be able to get a copy for yourself as well).