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Thirsty? Peter & Friends Offer Some Water To Drink

Once again, TGL was on the sceen for another in a series of shows for the Peter Martin Music: LIVE! concert series with a live webcast.  This show featured Peter Martin on piano, Romero Lubambo on guitar, Erin Bode with vocals, and Christopher Thomas on the bass.

For the second to last song of the night, the band performed the Antonio Carlos Jobim bossa nova classic "Agua De Beber" (in English - Water To Drink). 

We plan on posting more video from this concert from our main camera later.  But if you'd like to check out a full run through of the show as we broadcast it, just click here and you should be able to see the entire, uncut, wonderful 2 hour performance.  Enjoy!!


Next Live Event Webcast: Peter Martin Music: LIVE! with Romero Lubambo (December 4, 2010)

TGL is very proud to provide another live webcast to the world of world class, Grammy winning, jazz piano musician Peter Martin as part of his Peter Martin Music: LIVE! series from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

This will be the 2nd live streamed broadcast of the Peter Martin Music series from The Sheldon Concert Hall by The Global Loop, and we're excited about it.  This time, Peter's featured guest will be the Brazilian gituar master and Rio de Janiero native, Romero Lubambo.

Peter and Romero have played together for the past 10 years, touring the globe with Dianne Reeves (whom you have seen Peter perform with here on The Global Loop).  Romero is the foremost Brazilian jazz guitarist on the New York scene.

Joinging Peter & Romero will be a very special guest, vocalist Erin Bode. Erin is a St. Louis and national favorite, a singer who is comfortable mixing jazz standards with well-known pop tunes and classics from the Great American Songbook. She has released five recordings of her own, and was featured on Peter Martin’s 2005 MaxJazz release In The P.M.

The live broadcast of the concert is scheduled to begin at 8:00pm United States Central Standard Time (CST). The webcast of the show will be proceeded by 2 hours of additional new programming including a replay of many portions of the last Peter Martin Music: LIVE! webcast that featured Jeremy Davenport, Christopher Thomas, and Ulysses Owens, Jr at 6:00pm (CST).

Please invite all the people you know to watch this on their computers OR on their smartphones that have the Ustream Viewer App. For smartphones, you'll be able to watch by searching for "The Global Loop" and looking at the live stream.

Sign up for notices on our Facebook so that you'll know about any additions or changes.


Putting Those Sunrises To Good Use

Here's another video of a sunrise sped up a bit. But this time it's only part of a whole video.  We'll be streaming the entire 2 hours of this compilation of music by people from University City, Missouri, USA paired with some sunrise and skyline videos from 3 countries and 5 cities.

So here's a taste for you early followers of The Global Loop.  2 songs here..The 1984 U. City High School Jazz Band with "Sweet Georgia Brown", and Peter Martin, Jeremy Davenport, and Christopher Thomas playing "Little Willie Leaps" live during our webcast of the Peter Martin Music concert "The Reunion" on April 2, 2010. More is coming soon and you might be able to get a copy for yourself as well).



Jazz in St. Louis and a Sunrise over New Orleans

We're working on fully fleshed out music videos from our live broadcast of the Peter Martin Music: Live! concert back on April 2nd.  For those of you that saw it all, there was just a lot of talent and fun on display at the hands of Peter Martin (piano), Jeremy Davenport (vocals/trumpet), Christopher Thomas (bass), and Ulysses Owens Jr. (drums).

As a teaser for some great music video to come, we've put together a very simple bit of video from the city of New Orleans and the music performance of the Hoagy Carmichael song "New Orleans" from the spring concert.




As a "music video", this isn't much at all.  It's simple. The footage is of sunrise taken from the 45th floor of the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street in downtown New Orleans. 1 hour and 20 minutes of video has been compressed down to 8 minutes and 29 seconds to fit the length of the song.  We think it'll be a key part to what will come of the final version of the video for this song.

Enjoy the sunrise and the performance, and let us know what you think.


Successful Live Webcast and Great Music: Watch Some Again!

Well last week featured our very first, worldwide live broadcast of an event here at The Global Loop.  We sent our operations to St. Louis, Missouri, USA and the Sheldon Concert Hall to transmit the 2nd show in the Peter Martin Music: Live! series.  This show on April 2nd was called "The Reunion" and featured not only Peter Martin (piano),  Jeremy Davenport (vocals/trumpet), and Christopher Thomas (bass) coming back to their childhood home, but it welcomed Ulysses Owens, Jr. (drums) to play with the trio that first played music together over 25 years ago.  The show was tremendous!  You can see some of the show as transmitted live below.

But to warm you up, you should take a look and listen to a selection from the 1st show in the series when Peter invited Dianne Reeves to the Sheldon's stage.  They've performed together around the world for more than 11 years now.  Dianne won a Grammy for the soundtrack to the George Clooney directed "Good Night, and Good Luck" and Peter performed in the movie and album as well.

"One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)" closed out the movie and was performed at their show.  We here at The Global Loop produced a video of the shoot that we did for that 1st concert because we felt that this superior performance of that great night of music needed to be singled out.  Enjoy this before you settle in to last week's concert.  Comment freely below too:

Here is a replay of the first part of the live show last week.  To get to the beginning of the music, just fast forward to 4:00 and then let it run.


Now here's a second section of the Live performance.  We didn't have a fully recorded version of the whole show, but we'll have some very nice crip, produced versions of selections of this show up in the near future.




The Debut Of Webcasting

We're excited to announce that beginning April 2, 2010, The Global Loop will enter the world of webcasting!

This is a big deal.  This is the first step into what this site is going to be about for the future.

We plan on broadcasting both live and prepackaged programming here on the site and making that programming available at times that are friendly to all followers of the site around the world.

You'll notice a new page on the site called "The Global Loop Live" at the top of all pages.  You can click there to see any live programming currently going on and to find out about future broadcasts.

We're proud to have as our first live webcast the 2nd concert in the Peter Martin Music: Live! series from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  The name of this show is "The Reunion".  Peter Martin (piano) welcomes back to their hometown old classmates/bandmates Jeremy Davenport (trumpet/vocals) and Christopher Thomas (bass) as well as  Ulysses S. Owens, Jr (Drums) for what promises to be a tremendous evening of jazz at The Sheldon Concert Hall.

This is the first in what we hope is many webcasts, so we're looking to get as many people to watch as possible.  Please click here become of our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so that you can get updates on all programming as they happen.

We're excited about this opportunity and we're hoping all goes off smoothly.  Wish us luck and, if you aren't in the audience on Friday the 2nd, then we hope you're here online with us.

Spread the word far and wide!!