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A Tree Grows In (a) Brooklyn (Bound "N" Train)

"The Big Apple" and "The Concrete Jungle".  Those nicknames for New York City are about as close to nature that people usually come when they talk about The City. The only green that pops to mind is the money that the bankers are passing around to each other on Wall Street or the color that some people might turn when they catch a whiff of that first-hot-day-of-the-summer smell that wafts from the subway station in the beginning of July.

Well to dispel some of that myth, here's a short clip of some verdant oddness that we captured on the "N" subway this afternoon.  There may not be much foliage that grows in the neighborhoods of most New Yorkers, but that doesn't stop them from trying to get some into their homes.  And since most New Yorkers don't drive cars, unlike the grand majority of people in the United States, the way you import plant life into your pad requires a MetroCard from you and a bit of patience from your fellow straphangers.



Past The Break Of Dawn

Here's some more sunrise video for you.  This time the shot is taken from Astoria Park in Queens, New York across the East River and looking at the Triboro (RFK) Bridge and Manhattan Island.  This video was shot on the morning of Saturday, September 26, 2009 over the course of 1 hour and 5 minutes.  Once sped up by 5000%, this video only lasts 1 minute and 18 seconds.

Enjoy your moment of zen.  Let us know how your morning is going where ever in the world you are...



Make Your Own Caption

Here's a feature that might show up every once in a while here on TGL.  If we see or get a picture that we think that you might have some fun with creating your own.

Our first venture into this area is this shot taken just before the G-20 summit being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA:

[Image Source:] Come faccialo per dire il "SMACKDOWN" in italiano? (How do you say "SMACKDOWN" in Italian?)

Be nice, but we think this image is ripe enough for all of you out there to take a bite at for a good matter the language.

Foulness will be removed, so stay clever rather than gross.  Enjoy....


Midday News - An HIV Vaccine, A Great Big Ole Baby, and Le Baseball à la Mode

Here is some very varied news for you to kick off your Friday afternoon/Saturday morning...

 In potentially big news from the medical world and reported by the New York Times, there are reports by several scientists from around the world that there has been a discovery of a vaccine that has shown some effectiveness at preventing the transmission of HIV in some people:

 In some news that should make all mothers around the globe past, pending, and future wince in fear and cover their nether regions, the BBC has this report on a 19.2 pound (8.7 kg) baby being born in Kisran, North Sumatra, Indonesia a couple of days ago:

 And for you francophones and baseball lovers out there that aren’t necessarily in Montréal, Québec, Canada, here’s an article from Le Monde out of Paris that previews the 2009 Baseball World Cup being played in various European cities over the next several weeks and the way that the game is being played outside of the home of the sport, the United States:

 (On a sidebar and for full disclosure, The Founder of this site is from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, home of the 2nd most successful baseball team in the history of the sport, The Cardinals, and is a die hard fan.  And since he lives in New York City, home of the most successful baseball team ever, The Yankees, he’s going to find it very difficult to pay any attention at all to the so-called “World Cup of Baseball” since both of these teams could be on a collision course to meet up in the “real” championship of the sport, the Major League Baseball World Series.  He realizes that this total bias towards the version of the sport that he’s most accustomed to and that this goes a bit against what this site is trying to do.  He will therefore make an effort to try to pay attention to the World Cup more than he ever has before.  He will, however, not even pretend to care if both his Cardinals and the Yankees play each other in “The Fall Classic”.  He’s just sayin’...)


Aguas de Luna

Welcome to the first post on TGL Global Blog.  In the future, this will contain all sorts of entrys about what's going on around the world wether it be news, music, general intrest, or other general community messages.

While this site is called The Global Loop, we fully intened to extend our reach beyond our little blue and white ball.  We'll have news about what's going on in low Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and other news from our solar system and beyond.

With that in mind, there was some big news that came out of NASA today about our nearest galactic neighbor, The Moon.  NASA says that it has discovered a thin layer of water on the surface.  This very small amount of H2O was found by 3 different probes that have been orbiting the Moon for some time now.

Just follow the link to check out more on this story:


It's A New Day

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new version of The Global Loop online.  We've changed our face (finally) and we'll be changing our content soon so that you'll get a great sense of what's going to be happening here to keep you in the know about many events, cultural happenings, and day-to-day news and features around the world.

Check out some Global Loop posts right here.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy this sunrise that was shot on the morning of Monday, September 20, 2009 from Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York in the United States.  The video lasts about 1 minute and 17 seconds but was filmed for 1 hour.  (Sped up 5000%)



It's the dawn of a new day here at The Global Loop.

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